The Ministry of Care

A Catholic Sacramental Ministry of

Prayer and Holy Communion

Preparation Prayer for a Servant Who Takes Communion

to the Sick or Elderly


My Lord and Sustainer of all Beings,

     I kneel here before the Sacred Presence

     about to take the bread of Life

     to those who are unable to attend

     the communal Celebration of the Eucharist.

It will be my honor to carry Christ to them.


Bless my hands that they may be

     fitting instruments of this Holy Visitation.

Bless my heart, that I may truly carry Your Spirit

     in carrying the Bread of Life to those whose spirits are in need.


Make me aware that all I shall encounter on my sacred journey

     will be blessed by the Divine Presence.

May my attitude, my reverence and my concern

     for both the spiritual and material needs of those whom I shall visit

     be that of Your Divine Heart.


I ask this in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ,

     whose Body and Blood I shall carry;

     He who lives with You and the Holy Spirit forever and ever.





Thanksgiving Prayer for a Servant Who Takes Communion

to the Sick or Elderly


Divine Source of Life and Health,

     I thank You for the honor and privilege of being a Christ-bearer.

As I have carried the Sacred Presence to those who have received Holy Communion,

     may I carry within my own person that same Presence to all I meet,

     to family and friends, to the stranger and to the world.

May my whole life proclaim that I carry my Lord day and night

     Within the vessel of my heart.


I lift up into Your Divine Heart the needs of those whom I have visited;

     be with each of them who is in need of Your Continuous Presence.


I bow before You, my Lord and God,

     grateful that you have chosen me to serve You and my brothers and sisters.